Our ties are worn by gentlemen the world over, or as we say, from Trafalgar Square to Times Square! Not surprising, as our company name is Cockney rhyming slang for ‘tie’. 

The current generation of the Peckham Rye family learned about tie making in Savile Row, an area of London which is celebrated for its tradition of bespoke tailoring. 

But what exactly goes into a tie crafted by a master tie maker? -  There are the weaves and styles from our exclusive archives that go back more than 100 years - and our uniquely blended patterns which are as indulgent as they are edgy. Next there is the silk blocking process undertaken by skilled craftsmen and women. 

Finally there are the full seven stages of crafting in our workrooms where we add our secret special touches to create classic styles remastered for the contemporary gentleman.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All pieces purchased from our website are delivered free, we do not charge for carriage, and we ship via Royal Mail which needs to be signed for on arrival.