Ready To Wear Suits by Peckham Rye.

Dear Sir,

Parade Ready-To-Wear Suits by Peckham Rye London W1 c/o Messrs. Tommy & Charlie McCarthy., tailors (late) of the British Empire.

Thank you for your consideration towards our edited ready-to-wear selection of two and three piece suits, cut from the finest wools and made to our own house patterns thus ensuring “a gentleman always dresses a little bit above his station in life and in that way people will think no less of him”.

Just as our bespoke and made-to-measure tailoring we believe a suit should add to the stature of the wearer, which for us begins at the shoulders and from there the care and attention by our workrooms will be ever visible.

With added touches of detail to all pieces from the top coat - or jacket as they are sometimes called - with slanted working cuff buttons, floating half canvas, lapel bar-tacks - to the waistcoats with their half back belt buckle, watch chain button hole - to the trousers with their side straps, brace button, V cut waistband - we have included as many aspects that a gentleman could hope to have in a ready-to-wear suit that will, we humbly beg to suggest, give a pride of ownership.

Our suits can be altered and adjusted in many ways, and our unique West End Cut style which offers a fine silhouette is complimented by the plain front trousers with their cross front Edwardian style pockets to maintain clean and elegant lines.

The triangular makers label reflects our foremost standards defined as three elements that become one, being the precision of cut for styling, the quality of wool and canvassing for durability and finally the tailor and cutters attention to the finite detail.

Every suiting of clothes in this collection carries the token of completed apprenticeship by Tommy McCarthy’s 1813 halfpenny Lion watch chain coin medal - a symbol of a 14 year old East India Company tailor of His Majesty’s Fort of St. George., Madras, India... in the inside pocket - this is the hallmark of quality by our tailoring company.

We hope you will enjoy browsing this selection of gentlemen’s suiting’s and for all enquiries please contact us by email or telephone and we will be most happy to attend you, and in closing, we remain Sir,

your obedient servants.

Peckham Rye – London W1.