Shantung Silk Petersham Bow Tie. Block 23

About this product

Size: 5cms (2 inches) at Wing Tip. Petersham Adjustable Corded Neckband.

Pointed Ends, Hand Tied, with extra hook and eye fittings.

Our especially made pointed end bow tie shown here in an electric blue raw shantung woven silk with all its slubs.. shantung is the oldest silk weave type and is a particular favourite with us by the way the light reflects changing the shades..... a true day bow with bright and vibrant colours, ideal with plain and striped shirts.

All Silk

Hand Made in England

Tailors Advice

The art of a great bow tie is that it should be seen to have been tied by hand with all its fine peculiarities of blade angles - we personally hand tie all our bows to ensure the understated elegance of this neckwear piece is shown in its true finery.

As a crib, at the end of the petersham cord is an extra hook and eye, so in the event the gentleman does not have the time to make ready his bow he can simply fall back to the hook and eye fitting to enable wearing of the same!

Pattern bow ties are known as "day bows" and should be worn with fold down shirt collars.

Any plain colour bow tie can be worn as evening wear, but should your dinner suits lapels be of satin silk, the bow and cummerbund should also be satin, a faille twill collar facing requires the same silk for the bow tie.